Prime 2 and universal launcher

Got my Kospet Prime2 today, from Kospet Europe. All looks great. The first I tried was installing Universal launcher, its a “must have” I learned from my Thor 4. But after starting UL, the watchfaces are blank, or it shows up for 1 second and than UL stops, jumping back to stock launcher. I’m using UL 3.2.2 as on the Thor. Any idea, how to solve this problem?

You have to go to battery saver and disable UL. Please download the newest UL version here from the forum to make it work on A10:
-ClockSkinCoco-3.5.3.apk - Google Drive

Kospet Europe ? That’s new to me, do you have a link please ?

The battery manager is of, battery saver as well. That aline did not help. Now I will uninstall UL snd download the last version. Thanks for the moment

It’s working, thanks guys you are really one in a million.:clap::clap::clap:

I was on the Kospet web site, there is a distribution center mentioned. Watch came from England to Germany in 2 days. Details I will send tomorrow, its close to midnight here in Windhoek.
Good night.

Thanks. From England is not within EU anymore, so guess we will still have to pay toll and taxes, but at least delivery times could be much shorter.