Power drainage - at 9pm last night my D5 watch was at 100% charge...

Power drainage - at 9pm last night my D5 watch was at 100% charge… this morning at 5am it “chirped” that it was at low power, 30%… between 9pm and 5am my watch was not used… looking at the battery stats it showed that Assistive Touch (AS) had used 66% of the power…

I really like AS but it appears to be pretty hungry… has anybody else noticed anything?

Check your location settings and try to disable hight precision, or completly disable gps and location

Yes tat app drains out the charge so much! I uninstalled it and Wha La! battery lasted for 5 full days!

I already have the battery for 5 days with similar app called Floating Toucher, it does the same, I prefer this one. I noted a very high drainage when I had Mobizen installed, it lasted only 1 day and half.

Disabled the app between 9 am and 6 pm… power went from 100% to 82%… a great improvement…

@Tiago_Marabujo Hi Tiago, I found 2 app - which do you use?
Floating Toucher - Manahil Tools
Floating Toucher - Digital Life International

Sorry. Digital Life International.

That’s the one we were talking about as well, Digital Life Int. Haven’t found if it supports widgets or not like Floating Launcher 3, but it looks a lot like Assistive Touch Round. Should be interesting to explore.

OK, I’ve done a full shakedown on this and it’s really nice (don’t know about battery life). The fact you can make folders and spring up another circle within a circle is awesome. Here’s something you want to know:

If you accidentally touch and hold the floating button, it will disappear. Good luck getting it back. Want to know how short of uninstalling and reinstalling the app? From your watch face swipe over to your notifications panel. Find the Floating Touch notification and touch it. Your button is back. You see, it’s made for a phone with drop down notifications. It works on our watch, it’s just off on the panel to the left. You’re welcome.

I found the same issue with Assistive Touch and have been using EasyTouch (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shere.easytouch.holo).

Same thing happened when I tried AS. Now I’m using EasyTouch. It seem to have no problem but have to wait and see.

Thank you guys for testing out Easy Touch. I need to record a followup video warning about the power drain of Assistive Touch Round and want to offer alternatives. If Easy Touch and Floating Toucher work well with minimal power impact, that would be good to know. Obviously the more we test as a group, the more reliable the data will be.

@SmartWatch_Ticks I haven’t loaded an alternative yet, I’ll keep you posted… I did briefly try both Floating Touchers but didn’t like the adverts (but I understand why they’re there)…

Oh no! EasyTouch worked fine for a day and then the same problem happen. It drained battery so fast.

Is it anything to do with the fact, that as they are (generally) freeware, they might be running adverts in the background? Do adverts try to connect to the internet?