Power Button Failing

Someone mentioned on another thread of the potential of the buttons failing, well, my power button seems to be losing its “spring”. It still turns watch on & off but it is now difficult to tell when the button is pressed. Seems the spring has gone bad. I’ve had watch just over 3 months. Any ideas on a fix?

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To be honest as its a hardware issue and not a software issue you will struggle with this . You can try going back to the seller but this can be a lenghty and not great experience . There are apps available that you can download which can be used for some things instead of using buttons " floating toucher " . It may , may not help


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Thanks for reply. I sort of expected your reply but hopefully others will be aware of the potential button issues.

I have found that by pressing the ‘back’ button twice, the watch will turn on. Of course this only helps until the ‘back’ button begins to fail.

I’m going to see how it goes before I pull out my phillips head screwdriver :wink:

Thx and enjoy your weekend!


Your welcome . You too

same here really sr no its totally failed on optinus2

Seriously? This thread is 2 years old!

Issues with the Optimus 2 should be posted in the Optimus 2 section. I do believe this issue was brought up there. Best solution is to return to seller for repair/exchange.

Amigo por favor estou com o mesmo problema
sera que alguem ja abril e conseguiu consertar o botao de liga desliga
alguem ja abril pra mostrar as fotos pra nos vermos como é pra nao danificar e ficar pior

Please post in english here.
Thank you.

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friend please i have the same problem
is someone already in april and managed to fix the on off button
someone in april to show the photos so we can see each other so as not to damage and get worse

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