Possible scam Lemfo?

Smell of scam? I received a message on WhatsApp that says this: Hello good morning

This is the LEMFO smartwatch company. We understand that you have purchased smart watches or a set-top box from our Aliexpress/Ebay store. We are now selling the new smartwatch on Amazon. Are you interested in trying a new product for free?

This is the partnership process: I’ll send you a search term and main image that you can use to search Amazon to find the product, add it to your cart, and buy it. 1-2 days after receiving the package, you can leave some comments with pictures or text, and I will refund the money via PayPal within 12-48 hours.

After participating in the product test, this watch will be given to you as a gift. If you accept the process, you can answer me, thank you!

What do you think, should I trust you? I don’t understand how it is possible that they have my WhatsApp number. :thinking:

It’s possible that it’s ok.
They have marketing campaigns like this.
Your mobile number was probably included when you ordered from them in the past…?

By the way, it’s not us :sweat_smile:
It’s just lemfo marketing and even if you didn’t order a Lemfo watch - Aliexpress and Banggood share customer information with brands for purposes of market research.

Did you buy a Lemfo watch recently?
If so, I can easily ask them to confirm that this message on Whatsapp is legitimate.

I have asked them to confirm it :+1::handshake:

on AliExpress I bought my Lem 16 . I don’t understand what you confirmed. Do I have to buy the watch now? :thinking:

You must have given your phone number during another order process. I too have already taken part in such an action to test it. In my case I did not get the money back. But with Amazon orders you have a right of return, I used this and got my money back this way.
Other members have actually received a refund of the purchase price after the positive review.
In any case, the risk is about zero.
However, this approach tells an interesting story about the informational value of positive reviews… :wink:


you know what I say ? In doubt I do not agree to join. In doing so I certainly don’t risk my money and then I don’t know what to do with it I already have a Lemfo and a wear os. Thank you for giving you more detailed information

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