Ported Smash Smashin ​​​'s app and changed the dials. Inspired by aquaracer. https://shop-us.tagheuer.com/en/watches/aquaracer.html .

Ported @Smash_Smashin ​​​’s app and changed the dials. Inspired by aquaracer. https://shop-us.tagheuer.com/en/watches/aquaracer.html. It still has very limited feature and no weather icons whatsoever. Anyway, you can install apk in your watch directly. No need to use other launchers. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3jPTy4klmDda1lHZk1rNzN6bjQ/view?usp=drivesdk

We need more

Very nice work :slight_smile:
Please make sure you credit the watch maker that inspired you - the rules apply when using faces from watch makers.

Great job! would you fight with omega ?

I wonder if it is a chance to upload more than one FW.

There is another thing which upset me - the middle digital clock watch…? I do not know what is it for? I guess the battery life but it should be customizable.

If you guys feel strong enough please do something in that. I do not thing the producer will ever upgrade the firmware.

thank you and good lock with omega :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​, I’m not really sure of the author. I download it some times ago from xda dev. Well, if the author see’s this watchface, I thank you for designing this watchface. Sincerely

@akhmad_kai thanks mate. It is more to do with the actual physical watch that the face comes from :slight_smile:
If you could edit the first post above and say:
"The inspiration for this face came from https://shop-au.tagheuer.com/en/watches/aquaracer.html "

For instance…

@INFOMUSICFilms ​, I’m not really sure, As I just ported using the very same app. I haven’t tried to build it from scratch

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 hi Pablo. Is it technically possible to have a section on top with a done list (apk) for new watch faces for Kw88 and more with “watch face” - a new topic? It could be updated list of well done projects. We have now apx. 3-4 ready to download apk. What do you think?

Beautifull watch face, very nice, and very easy to install. Once it is installed only choose from tha face watches list. It would be wondefull a link were to download all the new watcht faces apks for the KW88.