Poll: Is there a light bleeding or not?

Lemfo representative at aliexpress thinks there is not.

(Tip: 6 o’clock)
(You will be able to see it between 1 and 8 o’clock positions with bare eyes)

Looks to me like the display is set to maximum. Turn it down and ck.

from your pictures it definitely looks like it indeed is a light-bleeding


If there is bleeding, less brightness just makes it harder to notice. Photo with the watch face is in minimum brightness.

It is irrelevant how it looks in the dark, with light turned all way up, which should be used in sunlight where you would never see the tiny amount of false light…

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Okay I propose you to sell a watch with just an “irrelevant” screen defect. Is it okay for you?

I am not living 7/24 under sun and all photos except watch face one are taken in %50 brightness.

I am not asking if you personally like a defective screen or how can I fool myself to ignore a hardware problem.

Problem in this forum is people is using “should” for others too much.

Sorry, but it looks like you spend more time finding possible problems with your new watch, than playing with all its features.

I see you now edited your reply where you made the comment that the amount of backlight was irrelevant and now say something different. To me it still looks like you need to show it in very dark lighting in the room (watchface pic) to show the symptom, but only you can determine if it is a problem for you and take appropriate action if it is. I never heard anyone else noticing such problem, so you may have been unlucky with a defect watch, or you have other criteria of a perfect watch. We cannot vote for you, it’s your judgement and subsequent action.

Btw AFAIK none of us here in the group are selling these watches.


It takes less than a second to see such thing unless you don’t want to see.

Irrelevant. I am not saying something different. Just the friend who I am responding deserves an answer more than a word, this is why I edited it.
Irrelevant is you can notice bleeding better in max brightness in a dark room not less. Less brightness won’t expose the defect better, and a healthy screen won’t bleed in any brightness level.

As easily visible, you are wrong, photos are not from a dark room.

My perfectness criteria is just having a not defective screen. Bleeding messes what I see in that area and you act like I expect to have a unicorn.

Light bleeding is not something up to someone’s personal fantasy or emotional state. I could not understand how to not to see defect in above pictures with aliexpress customer support but I can understand how now I guess.

You do not understand the point of selling too, please just forget it.

So I suggest you quit complaining over and over and do something about it. Nobody here can make your problem with this issue go away.


I don’t see anywhere that I wanted you to fix my screen.
Bullshit, over and over.

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If i’m being honest there is a visible display bleeding, but this is a purely cosmetical issue caused by production variances and not a technical one.
That’s why most vendors won’t see this as warranty case, you might ask for a small discount.


This is messing colors around edge and turning things yellowish. Can’t we take this as a technical issue?

Are you using a screen protector? Try peeling it off if you are.

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I agree with you. I would be upset also if my watch had that problem. It is obviously defective.


Interesting is defect is right under the sticker of the screen protector that I removed. Coincidence? Maybe.

Also thanks for confirming Louis.

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My watch came if the exact same screen bleeding as yours, that upset me but as I can`t do anything about it I tried to focus on other bigger problem that is battery time.


Sorry for delay. I am negotiating full refund with Aliexpress (extremely slow response) and if understood correctly you are also suffering from bleeding, so I will let you know @Cybereu.

Here the forum style suggestion for you:
Don’t use your watch if you are suffering from battery!!! :))

  • As I see, screen time is killer for battery.
  • Messenger app is serial killer.
  • I don’t use sim card with the watch, I don’t know if it is an advantage. (Remember that case from kospet 2 topic)
  • Wifi cost is not much noticeable.
  • Bluetooth drops eat some battery i think.
  • Of course cpu, v7 needs to be underclocked.