Pokemon GO on full android smartwatches?

Hi all,

Has anyone recently got Pokemon GO working with no compatible issues on any of these full android smartwatches? Maybe some of the newer watches like THOR 4/5 or Kospet Prime?

It has been awhile, but I think it is still possible maybe someone who knows more about bypassing safetynet or whatever Pokemon Go scans can look into it? I have played Pokemon Go on my rooted Lemfo Lem X before and it worked perfectly 2 years ago. I don’t have the watch anymore so I can’t tell if it still works.

I know Pokemon Go isn’t the best use of the watch, but it still nice to be able to play on your wrist.
Imagine if these Chinese smartwatch companies look into figuring out how Pokemon Go can be played on their watches, I’m sure it will be a strong selling point and increase sales. As of July 2019, apple watches cannot play Pokemon Go anymore so this might be one of the few ways to play Pokemon Go on the go conveniently. It is a cool feature to be able to play such a very popular exercising game if there is a tutorial on how to make it work.

I have rooted Magisk on Kospet Prime, deleted files that Pokemon Go may be looking, but I’m unable to get Pokemon GO working on Kospet Prime. Not sure if it matters, but I think it fails Safety net ctsProfile and basicintegrity. I’m guessing it has to do with these watches are not certified in google Play store as proper devices and will trip safetynet.

Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there. I think these full android smartwatch phones would do a lot better on the market maybe even skyrocket in sales if there’s support to play Pokemon Go on them. Forget about spending $20-50 bucks on the Pokemon Go Plus wristband, you would be amazed how much money people would put up to play the game more convenient haha. I say that with some experience, Pokemon Go is a game but can be quite competitive with all the cooperative features they have like Raids, Gym battling, PVP, etc. When I had Pokemon GO working on my LemX, it was extremely easy taking on Raids to catch stronger pokemon just by myself or when a team needs more numbers.

For now I guess with the lack of support in this particular subject of Pokemon Go, I’ll enjoy the watch for all the other things. Hopefully, someone down the road knows how to crack it! It is just sad not to see android watches tap into this market, I think it would be a gamechanger.

Check for the recent update. The newest update at least for me now allows me to play it on my LEMFO LEM T, which it hasn’t since I first got it.


Do you mean Pogo app update? Did you have to root or do anything special to make it work? I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. Crossing my fingers!

You right! The new PoGo update makes it work now. Playing on my Kospet Prime! This is a gamechanger! Easy raiding now.

Ugh… Pogo worked for two days and now it doesn’t again. MysticWhiteDragon, can you still access the game?

Sorry for the late reply. Nope, no root, and yes ,the following PGo update broke the connection again. T_T