Pls i really need to root my finow X5..

Pls i really need to root my finow X5… I’ve searched for pointers, but I can’t seem to find one

Another fruitless link

try holding the centre and bottom button down until you see a new screen.

@Ezento_Ikenna For somebody who wants help you’ve got a funny way of going about it… don’t go asking me for anything :frowning:

@Lokifish_Marz ​ thanks… I’ve succesfully rooted my X5, from the guide in the forum… Thanks buddy

@Andrew_Davis well… I’m glad you’re not God

@Ezento_Ikenna It’s one of the benefits of being an Atheist… :slight_smile:

X5 won’t show any watch faces. after boot up it’s black. i’ve been careful and have been using launcher to remove extra data before starting up. but this time it’s refusing to move ahead. i have a mac.

also, i’ve got a spinning globe appearing.