please where I can find these faces anyone can help

please where I can find these faces
anyone can help





Estás caras son originales del kw88

@Maikel_Leonard_Hall not exactly.
The first and the 3rd are from this community, but you can find them on the very early posts, more than 1 year ago

any available link for the original faces if possible

Great watch face but battery percent isn’t working on no1d7. Can it be fixed please?

The Panerai version was made by me and you can download it here:

thank you @Pedro_Monteiro

@Pedro_Monteiro I downloaded this and put them inside “clockSkin” folder then I rebooted then I can’t see the faces …

Questions and problems on the forum, please:

Dear Alaa Syrian,
Do you have a No.1 D5? My watch face is for this watch and should work with no problems if you extract the archive and copy the folder into the ClokSkin folder in the watch memory card.

My watch is KW88
I didnt know these faces were for D5 im sorry
Thank u :slight_smile:

Pedro, its a stunning face and works wery well on my kw88, stunning!!

@Alaa_Syrian did you manage to get it to work?

Dear, Johan. I’m glad you like. You may provide a summary of the steps you followed for this face to work on KW88.

Hi Pedro . The battery % and the temperature ° number doesn’t show on my no1 D7 . Is there a way to get it working? I get the cloud picture but not the temperature number

@kevin_howell On the D5, the weather code is 10 and the temperature code is 11 (arraytype). You can edit these codes on the clock_skin.xml file using a text editor. Don’t know if the D7 uses different codes for weather and temperature information.

Thanks Pedro . I’m not sure how to do it but will have a try

@Pedro_Monteiro it was easy as pie. Unzipped the file, duplicated the main skin and renamed to img_clock_preview.png and copied the complete folder to the kw88 clockskin folder and retart the watch. You may have to create the folder if its not available. I hope this is clear.@Pedro_Monteiro

@Johan_Fourie yes my friend…thank u :slight_smile: