Please watchface

Hello friends!!! Could someone make this watchface? I think it would look great on several Smartwatches. Thanks.

Créditos:Relógio Hang Loose Silicon - Preto | Netshoes

If you have never made your own before . This is very basic and it would be a good place to start ?

Watch Face Designer is a great app to use on Pc and Mac . There are videos and lots of info on this forum

Good luck


thank you friend. however I’ve tried it but I’m not very good at it. if anyone can do it, thank you

Does it have any touchpoints or other features from buttons?


Here is my Ver … see if you like … added …
Date and Power and a touch point on the icon for fitness app



It’s just a font. There are many digital font sites available for free download on the Internet. Just look

Not sure why … but WFD will not show “new” fonts …
If I add a font it never shows up in WFD … Does everywhere else.
Added a few fonts to my system and none ever show up … weird.

copy the font file to your desktop. Then install “For all applications” as administrator.



Or this one, which is free: FREE Fonts To Download - Thousands of fonts to download free for windows and mac (

copy the font file to your desktop. Then install “For all applications” as administrator.

Oh FFS … Worked ! Had to use : Install For all users … Thanks !


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thank you very much friend. really enjoyed

I remember you helping me with this :wink::+1:

hi man,

this is ur watchface bakground…
and there U can download and install similar font…

try to create it by urself :wink:

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Is it possible to do this whatchface? I never did. thank you friends

Credit:Relógio digital mormaii mo7700ac/8a - mormaiishop - mobile

Very simple dial. Try it yourself. At the age of almost sixty, I also managed it (a bit) and I can’t speak a word of English. You will have a lot of fun!