Please help with my child

I need a smart watch for my little girl. She has only 7 years old. I need to be able of recording her school environment and discover if her teacher are playing unfair with my baby, my wife and me.

The watch must have at least the next conditions:

  • must be 4g/wifi capable
  • must be Google meet or any other live meeting app compatible
  • if not any of the items before mentioned, at least must be capable of video recording from any play store app (like xscamera)
  • 32/64 gb internal space preferable
  • full Android preferable
  • Kids/Girls style preferable

Any option???


If i was that concerned i would move your daughter to another school.

A watch with a small battery and limitations is not the solution


I must confess that I have grave concerns about the legality of such surveillance.

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That’s another point and we could or not debate about that.

However, I’ve managed to found some tools that gets me more or less what I need:

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