Please help to find this watch face

Guys while I’m seeing this review of watch faces

Watch Faces

I saw one i want it but of course G+ gone With the wind
I can’t find the auther or any related

I need this watch face
Thanks in advance

Any luck finding it? I have it but will have to get permission to post it again I think

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It has a unique function included in it
Showing distance
I don’t know how to get permission to post it

This face was made by @Marco_Ferreira . It was entered into smartwatch ticks thor 4 duel watch face competition that me and my family judged . Here is the link to all faces



I’ve not found the links in this video… :confused:

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I know that video i linked it in the post

But all links are G+
How to get it now

Yes links are G+
Maybe new link available

Here is the link


I searched it but I couldn’t find. It seems that your eyes are better then mine… :wink:
Thanks for searching- and for finding!


Many thanks
i have found it
Thank you :point_up:


Try again mate . I have edited post :grin:

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Here is the link below -

Watch faces

The link :point_up_2::point_up:

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Well done . Some great faces to play with .

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