Please help me screen size problem


I want introduce myself saying Hello to All you because I registered myself two minutes ago.

I’m writing from Italy.

Yesterday, I received my Kospet Prime SE BUT I have a big big big issue to use it.

A lot of time, a part of the text of App is located in the part of the screen that is under the smartwatch case and I’m not able to select that part for example to click a button to accept something, to go to the next window … and so on.

Someone of you have the same problem ? How did you solve it ?

I try to upload a picture to better explain my issue.

Hi and welcome . Press and hold the power button . You will see a round circle at the top of the menu . Tap it and it will go square . Then go back to what you were doing . Change back to round mode when required . Thanks


Hi Sir,

well done !

Thank you very much.


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Your very welcome :+1: