please help (☍﹏⁰) how to Rotate "DAY" Calendar hand

please help (☍﹏⁰)
how to Rotate “DAY” Calendar hand

It is not directly supported by clockskin engine, but if you use the community search bar with “rotate day” you’ll easily find a possible workaround by our member +Ace Aceman

Wow! Thank you very much !!!
That is too difficult for me ( ꒪﹃꒪)

I’m thinking about Battery meter

@11113 It’s not too difficult… try it :slight_smile:

how do you upload watch faces to this software, i’ve tried but do’nt know where to look for what i’m looking for, i did’nt find it where i’ve put it. thanks:)

@sonia_sophie_ataunna the Clock Skin Maker (CSM) program creates a “ClockSkin” folder under your users folder e.g. at c:\Users<your name>\ClockSkin
It has all the stock faces there by default. Simply copy new skins into that folder just like you do on the real watch. You don’t even need to restart the CSM it will see new additions and add them to the list.
I shared more of what I know about CSM in this post: (see 4th comment)

thanks, works great:)

is there a way to make this watch?

i love all the digital watches there are there, but i understand i have to ask the developer on this site?

Guys, is there a video tutorial of how to download and install the program. And most importantly to create a ClockSkin tutorial as well.

Is easier for me to follow.

Would like to contribute more the the community!!!


@Ho_V Downloading the program is easy… just click the link in “Custom Faces Development”… [you can donate if you like the program]… good luck…