Please can somebody make this watch face

Please can somebody make this watch face (without text and logo)

Thank you.

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do you have a URL or a name model? We must have a reference/credit URL!

I bought this watch in the 90’s on a market in Bandung Indonesia, it was very cheap but still works fine.
There is no name or brand on the backside of the watch.

maybe. give me a few days. I can do it clockskin format (stock launcher). no bezels

any update for this clockskin?

if you are using universal launcher and dont mind .watch format i can build one fairly quickly :wink:

@Chimera and @thomaschamlee —See: Request - A Doubledad Original

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He asked for this face without text and logo…

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hope that’s what U want…


boring, boring, boring

Thanks for sharing, @Jj_Gallais . Good job, I like the shadows.


thank you so much guys :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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