Play Store Not Opening Lemfo Lem16

I am getting a Try Again message as shown and can only get apps via web which then takes me to play store.

Make sure that connection is good try and see if outside you get connection, if so try outside to update google services and then try again.

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I will try again. Thanks for responding :slightly_smiling_face:

Also make sure that google services are updated, so all with wifi not 4g.

Still cannot get it to work.

Have you already tried this one?
-Help Play Services - Google Drive

Log to your account on the web and then download chrome and also there connect to your account, download google gesture and with it locate apps and then google services and update it. I had this issue.

Yes, downloaded and opened but not working :confused:

Ok, another possibility is the following: If the Google account you have selected is linked to another device, confirmation will be required on this device if 2-factor authentication is activated. It is not possible to log in without confirmation.


thanks for your assistance. will let you know upon resolution

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Download google gesture and see through it if you logged to your account, if yes, then go to apps and see if google services is up to date, if yes, reset the watch and try again.jf im not mistaken i had to log through the stock web app not just chrome.

Thanks Sonia. Will do

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I downloaded apkpure yesterday which pushed for a Google Play Store update which I did. Now its good to go! I hadn’t yet gone the gesture root. :slightly_smiling_face:. Did not reset

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