Pictures each hour

Hi everybody,
is there a way to display an image different for each hour with WFD?
Thanx for ur help.

Of course, using “GIF”

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thanx for answer but how to do it and does it work with stock launcher?

Unfortunately it does not work with stock launcher, only UL. If you want, create a “.gif” made up of 12/24 images that will represent the hours. Then in WFD you click on create gif and you have two options: In “Frame source” either upload the images in “Image file”, or leave Gif file and directly upload the gif created by you in “Select file”. In “Frame rate unit” you use frame per hour with Frame rate 1


thanx for explain, but don’t see the “frame rate unit” :confused:

I’m sorry I didn’t specify before, you will have to use WFD 0.14.1. In the other WFD, 0.14.2, does not exist, it is a newer version that is right but unfortunately it has not been finalized being in beta and having some bugs …

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i see that array 62 exist to add Gif in stock launcher… working? and how to use it?

You can process the GIF in WFD 0.14.1 as described above, then export it as “Export selected layer as component …” and open it with “Import component” in 0.14.2, working the rest of the face in the last WFD

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I do not use array 62. Maybe @Dr_Andy_Vishnu can help with this?


ok i will ask him. Thanx a lot for ur help ;).

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Hi . Load this into wfd . It should help . I used this technique before .gif files could be used . You will see i had images change every second ( this could be changed to hours )


i think i see, U make an animation with a digital clock layer seconds, replace numbers by images. But how do U do to have unique image / second ? And i want to have an image each 2 hours on a 24 h cycle?

You know, I have absolutely no idea what your learned gentlemen ( @Jj_Gallais @vladimir_lutzu & @Dr_Andy_Vishnu ) are talking about :woozy_face: But I do like the way everyone jumps in with an exchange of ideas and solutions! Well done to the lot of you! :+1: :+1: Cheers, “Do you have any idea what they were on about? Naw it’s just a bunch of Nerdy stuff”! :rofl:, Doons

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I dont understand what you mean " unique image / second " ?

when i create a digital clock layer second (or hour or min) i have 2 digits, each one is an image so if i change image by mine i have 2 images because of 2 digits. On ur example Yoda U have just one image…