Photo watch face and battery usage

Hi guys,

I may have found another way to save on the battery usage by using the photo watch face, the one where you select your own picture as a watch face.

My LEM10 is configured as such: Wifi ON (no sleep), SIM card, GPS off, Bluetooth Off.
App killer is enabled and only the Message app is permitted to not be killed as I use it for my SMS.

On a regular day, I can keep up the whole day, from 8am to 10pm ending with a battery around 30%. This is by using the watch for a few short calls, updating a few Snapchat, and texting some friends all day long.

But when I changed the watch face for the featureless personal picture where only time and date are displayed, the battery is lasting much longer. I could now end the day around 55% for the same usage.

I dont know if I got lucky, but overall, the battery usage is much lower for some reason when using this watch face than using a more « interesting » watch face with the weather, and other data displayed.

On a particular day where I did not make any call and only checked once in a while at facebook, I ended the day around 75% with +24hours left on the battery according to the power stats… I was amazed…

Let me know if you get the same result as it seems to be a lifesaver on this watch, the LEM10.

Have a great day!

This is a very minimal face, using nearly no ressource to run, so yes it can help save battery.

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