People - PLEASE USE THE OLDER VERSION OF G+ !! It is very disappointing

It is very disappointing to see the same questions being asked over and over again because members can’t find or are just too lazy to read through the section that might apply to their issue.
It’s getting to point where I have to say something about it.
a) How can I add new faces to KW88/ Blitz/ IQI I2 ?
b) Why can’t my watch accept phone calls or messages from my phone?
c) What is the best watch to buy ?
d) How do I flash firmware ?
e) My watch doesn’t connect to my PC- what should I do?
My gripe is that all these questions have been answered, at least three or four times in some cases !
You may ask - What can I do to help find this information - the community is so big ?
Well, for starters as Loki mentioned earlier - use the older version of G+ - it makes the community layout so much easier to understand.
Have a look at the section list on the left side of the page (if you use the older G+) and see if there is a section which might apply to your question.
In particular the FAQ & Guides section. It may refer to older watches but nearly all this information is cross compatible with most watches we support here.
Use the search function just under the community banner.
Anyway - you get the idea. Many people have spent a long time gathering information that will help you all - please take advantage of it :slight_smile:
Cheers - and apologies for the lengthy post.