Patek Philippe 5112A

Here’s my latest creation; The Patek Philippe 5212A (In black and white)
Not a 100% remake but pretty close i think.

Download white version:
Download black version:


Wow, as usual a perfect job! Really beautiful, thx!

Really Beautiful work!

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gold hands did not appear on my Thor Pro, only shadows. Suggestions?

It’s a face for Universal launcher. It’s posted in the UL section. It needs UL to work fine.

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp hi there mate…can u update the download link for the black one by any chance ? this face is very beautiful great work !

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@noidremained hey thank u so much ! God bless you


The link for the white face doesn’t work. It says it was trashed

*Update: nm it works fine in brave browser. Chrome gave me the error

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