PANERAI LUMINOR, RADIOMIR Homage Faces - Hi there everyone,

Hi there everyone, I’ve just finished making these watch faces for a few Panerai watches that i like.
I can make any PANERAI homage watchface in HighDefinition if anyone wants one…

Links to download files:


LUMINOR LAB-ID (link fixed by moderator):


Thank you for your comments!

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You can link them here but all you have to do is follow the rules and credit the brand name in each post .
A separate post for each face is the best way to go. They have to be CSM faces and all you need to know is in this post

@lexucd When those is your creations, and not port from another watchface, you can post it, just as Pablo said, follow our rules.

will do . Thank you guys for the tips

@lexucd What program you use to made the skin? There is some errors. I suggest to use clockskimaker, because your previews total other as the real skin. Some element just unnecessary blank png. Really weird…

I made them using corel draw for the images, and then played with the code inside a clock_skin.xml file. i had some issues with the code and chose to make those images 100% opaque rather then delete them… I haven’t figured out how to use the clockskinmaker yet (no tutorials on youtube) :frowning: but i will soon

update: i figured out the clockskinmaker. i will upload a searies of PANERAI faces today

link for luminor is out

Ok, I just checked some thinks out. @lexucd wasn’t online since we moved the community. In this case we will try to offer an alternate download link on our g-drive. But we need some help: Did someone have a copy of this face? If yes, please send me a private message.

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@Brandonoouah: You seems to have the file. Could you send it to me?

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One of the download links is fixed now. Thanks to @Brandonoouah for providing the file.


@Brandonoouah @G1NT0N1C Just downloaded the Luminor Panerai and put it on my Kospet Lite. Looking good! Thanks to you two guys for making it available again! :+1:Cheers, Doons