Pairing of D5 / D5+ using another app: Hello,

Pairing of D5 / D5+ using another app:

Hello, I’ve been searching for 2 days for an answer, but no such results founded.
I have a question: can we pair our D5 / D5+ with another app? I don’t like Watch Helper, specially when the watch looses connection with my phone and they both start making that sound that gives me headache.

Thanks for your repplies, folks!

A few ones… but only for android phones… no for iPhones…
M2D is one of them

And in other hand… the noise of the lost Bluetooth is easy to fix… in the developers options

Many many thanks Djchk
Yes, I want it for Android (I forgot to say it, ha-ha). I’ll try M2D. Another one, please?

Thanks Will
I’ve searched for M2D and found 3: M2D sender, M2D receiver and M2D bluetooth manager
Which one do I have to use?

Thanks a lot, I promise it’s my last question, ha-ha-ha

Ok… in this point… you should look for m2d in the search options because there are a few post about how use it

Will, Djchk: thanks for your attention and support. You 're right, search is an option I checked at first time, but the first thing I have to recognize is that I’m very duffer, a butterfingers in this technical world we live, ja ja ja, and didn’t found what I was looking for. Sorry I’ll spank myself by lashing several times, ha ha ha.