Pad-lock issue - Kospet Prime

Hi Team,

Does anyone know how do I remove this padlock? I don’t have any lock [PIN/Pattern/Face]. Yet, every time the screen lights up, there is a pad-lock on it. I am using stock launcher [if it helps].



Just deactivate the wake-up-gesture.
The screen is locked to prevent accidental touch during the wake-up gesture. The watch is only actually unlocked if you click on the padlock immediately. An additional backup that cannot be deactivated.

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Thank you.


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salve io ho lo stesso problema lo schermo è completamente bloccato ed e apparso un lucchetto. come posso risolvere grazie

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hi i have the same problem the screen is completely locked and a padlock has appeared. komm i can solve thanks

Deactivate “raise arm to wake up”.

Put your watch on the table and wait for the display to go out. Now wake it up with the power button. Now you have access to the watchsettings to disable the wake-up-gesture.