Pablo Eleven Hello Pablo ,


Hello Pablo , i need your help regarding my Finow X5+

yesterday the watch got suddenly stuck in a boot loop with smartwatch logo stuck on it.

Then i have seen your x5+ plus firmware for upgraded RAM so i flashed the watch with it using SP flash tool.

it has finished successfully but now i am getting a finow logo stuck issue and can’t get out of it. .please advise if it needs to be flashed with another firmware and how to get the correct one.Your assistance is much needed.

Note: i bought that watch on the 11th of Nov 2016

My advice is to flash the LEMFO LEM5 firmware from the technical forum.
Do NOT flash the pre-loader and use the download option in SP Tools. NOT the upgrade or format and flash options !!
I had a similar issue with the finow firmware. Where did you get the Finow firmware? I thought I deleted the link…

No man i found your link on the site for w618 yesterday and i flashed it and unfortunately. checked the pre-loader and got a stucking logo

So if i flash it with LEMFO LEM5 W616 and uncheck the pre-loader will it be back to life ?
Or it will be with the same previous pre-loader from the previous update which is causing that issue?

In this case you will have to flash the LEM5 firmware with pre-loader checked as you have changed the pre-loader already. Just hope it works for you. I have done it so keep your fingers crossed…

Hello @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , Thanks a lot for your assistance…it is back to life again :slight_smile: but now it’s name is LEM5 not Finow !! hope there is a master firmware for Finow x5+ for model 616

I will have one very soon. My last copy was corrupt. Still - the LEM5 firmware is ok :slight_smile:

hi Pablo i need your help my lemfo lem5 got stock on boot screen also after installing ota update can you share me the link of firmware for lemfo lem5? thanks a lot you can mail the link at ckismartin@

Need to go here for firmware

i already sign in to roundandroidwatches but i dont know whic topic exactly you are referring to maybr you can post it here the link.
maybe you are reffering of pinow x5+ firmware 618! is it or not.
post the link of lem5 firmware please