OTA Update for Lemfo LEM7 with MT6739 Chip

A wireless OTA update for the Lemfo LEM7 with MT6739 Chip became available over night.

The new version is: Z285-LEM7-V1.5

Note: If you have TWRP (and possibly root) installed then the update will download and go into a boot loop to TWRP.

The solution is to use the SP Flash Tool to flash the stock recovery.img and the boot.img onto it.

Go to update and it will now update.

Then use the SP Flash Tool to flash the TWRP recovery.img and the patched boot.img to give TWRP and root.

I got into the TWRP boot loop, and selected to turn off the watch so that I could load the stock recovery.img and boot.img but on rebooting the update started to install but an error message came up.

I rebooted the watch but it only booted into the first boot screen and stopped there.

But I found that holding in the button turned off the watch for a short time until it rebooted into the boot screen again.

I used this fact to reinstall the full stock ROM with the SP Flash Tool by pressing the green down load icon, connecting the watch to my PC and holding in the watch button

It turned off and the SP Flash Tool caught the transition to off and was activated and the stock ROM installed

I then installed the update

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Thnx for the announcement enviro8!
I updated OTA (no TWRP) without problem.
Anyone knows what should have been updated or changed?

Good question!

I just updated but on the LEM8 post where its update also came at the same time as the LEM7, they report that power charge is lasting longer.

This update may be similar.

Updated a few days ago. Battery life did seem to improve. Gesture functionality also greatly improved. Only problem is that when I first turn on the watch, gesture does not work at all. I have to turn gesture off and back on again to get it to work.

hello i need this firmware please for my lem7 MT6739

It’s working good with 1.5 firmware , I’ve another one with 2.5 firmware and the touch screen doesn’t work good .