Originally shared by Jessie Lin Finow X1 upgrade version Finow X1 plus,

Originally shared by Jessie Lin

Finow X1 upgrade version Finow X1 plus, will come out to market before long. Keep attention and look forward.
Android 5.1, MTK6580, quad core, 316L stainless steel, leather

Reading the careful comments of Jessie a feeling creeps in that they are going to add some extra watchfaces and then close the watch up.
Or maybe the awkward download option @SmartWatch_Ticks showed us in the latest video. This is not the way to create a new blooming market for smartwatches based on MTK soc’s. They are closing it up in a way Android Wear shut MTK out of the deal.

Oh, I don’t think that will happen :slight_smile:
Always look on the brightside of life :+1:

Hi !

Can it make or recieve phone calls via Bluetooth ??

For example, when i’am driving bike, so i can answer the calls on my watch.

I dont need just notification that somebody is calling me, my phone can do notification already in my pocket.

Thx !

Personally finow is abandoning development on other watches so don’t recommend anyone buying a Finow watch. I have an x5 for 2 months and no more roms coming. Tethering to phone is horrible so watch looks good but cant do what android wear and tizen do out of the box.

@Tomislav_Levakovic no

I never figure it out why?
It is just software stuff, not hw.

Cheap crap watches can do that.

Best regards !

They are definitely not cheap and crappy watches. They are quit powerfull packages. I bet it’s a software issue.

The watches are standalone watches. They are not Wear. So - no they will not tether and make and receive calls through Bluetooth. They were never designed to.
You are obviously looking for a Bluetooth tether watch or a Wear watch.
These are neither of those things.
They are PHONE watches …

These watches say they do tethered notification but don’t do it well. They should sell it as standalone and stop giving people false hope that they can get tethered notifications when they really can’t without apps crashing.

I agree totally :slight_smile:

All these silver watches are missing one thing, a nice brown leather strap…

Hello I’m from Brazil I have a Finow X5 is it possible mofificar the downloaded files to rotate FaceRepo this clock

Do you mean get the face to rotate? This is not the right place to ask. You would be better off in the FAQ section.

Hello Pablo I’m sorry for asking for another conversation , thanks for attention , I am trying to modify the files downloaded by sites I realized that the the files downloaded by sites contains folders with fonts , pointers and faces separated into folders.
already on my watch files are in a folder so all the images and script.