Originally shared by Андрей Баратынский Circles Wathces Download:

Originally shared by Андрей Баратынский

Circles Wathces

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DG6TmPrLP5uniqElsdM3M_klNN2uhsaN

KEWL, thank you!

Mine isn’t working correctly. The outer numbers spin in opposite directions, but the analog clock is correct! (Domino dm368 {Lemfo LF16})

@Louis_Peek what platform???

Kitkat 4.4 OEM Launcher. I don’t have Eric’s launcher installed.
Thank you for your quick reply.

@Louis_Peek Sory, bro. I just draw skin and turn on some parameters in WatchFaceDesigner utility. This skin uses standard mechanics of rotation elements that work with standard launcher. I check it in WFD and on my Finow X5. All OK It works good with Android 5.1

Ahhhh… I had this trouble with one other watch face, the second hand went counterclockwise LOL! Maybe I can update my OS, but I don’t want to brick my watch. Thank you!

Looks like this will work with Android Wear or Eric’s Launcher.

@Louis_Peek No. Standart launcher with counterclowise rotation. What watches do you have?

Domino dm368… same as Lemfo LF16.

Sorry, I’m an idiot… it’s running Lollipop 5.1. Don’t worry, I still like the watch face. I was wondering, am I able to edit your files with the designer app or xml editor?

@Louis_Peek Corse. Download WatchFaceDesigner

@Team_Russia ok

@Louis_Peek it will also run in Eric’s universal Launcher on your watch but not Wear

@RASC_Moderators Got it working correctly it is beautiful! Thank you!