Original X5 OTA issues.

Original X5 OTA issues.
As some of you may know, the original X5 has had an OTA recently. After installation another appears to be available and it can be downloaded.
However, if you go to install this second OTA it will end up with an error saying that your system is corrupt and OTA service will be disabled.
See photo below…
I have just been talking to Finow senior engineers about this.
For now we have agreed that the OTA service will be disabled for the original X5.
Once a solution is found I will let you know. Cheers.

Thanks for the info @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ! :?)

So you are in contact with the Finow engineers… Could you perhaps bring the current X5+ problems to their attention? I got my X5+ yesterday and I immediately installed an OTA (20161125), before I logged on to the Google Account. After the OTA, I wanted to log on to the Play Store, but it does nothing, just freezes. I can use the back button to regain control of the watch again, but I am not logged on at that point. Also other Google apps will not work, because Google Play Services wants to be updated first. Guess what… you have to log on to your Google Account for that too, which doesn’t work.

Yes, I am aware of these issues and have been talking to Finow about them. Updates will follow as and when available.
FYI, we are sponsored by IQI, Finow, KingWear and others. So, yes we are in constant communication with them.
Sometimes issues take some time to resolve but mainly due to the language barrier or similar issues…

@Ronald_Jansen check that you only have one version of the play store installed. Also try logging in to the play store using the Web browser on the watch first and if that works try the app…

I’m thrilled to learn about this active feedback from the community to the manufacturers. It gives me some hope of a solution for my new watch.

I ended up connecting to my X5+ with MTK Droid tools - adb. And with adb I succeeded to sideload some .apk i found of Google Play Services. After that new Google Play Services crashed for a couple of times, I finally was able to logon.
So then I thought I was home free, but then I found out that in the Play Store I cannot reach the side menu anymore to get to “My apps and games” to be able to update all my apps. In the X5 I could swipe from left and that menu shows up, but with X5+ when I swipe from left the app closes, so I can’t get into the Play Store menu anymore.
Also, GPS: with X5 i could choose Battery Saving mode. But X5+ only has GPS on or off.

@Ronald_Jansen ​ I received my watch 2 days ago and have same issue with you. Just wonder are you able to click any ‘cancel’ / ‘install’ from the watch during apk installation process? I couldn’t click on any of it unless using vysor keyboard to install the Google play service. After that,I’m able to sign in to Google store.

I tried using m2d on this watch after update but somehow I didn’t manage to receive the notification. Some times when I click on Google play store, then all notifications will flood in and appear on watch. Not sure anyone else experience this.

With 3g and WiFi on…it become very hot and battery drain very fast.

I have fed all these issues back to Finow. Including the gps menu problem and play store menu problem. This can be overcome by using Vysor plugin for Google Chrome and a pc connection to remote control the play store and reach the menu. The GPS settings will require some extra coding as well as the inability to enable accessibility options in settings.
I’ll let you know what happens.
@tim_Collins ​ thanks, but these issues are with the X5 plus not the original X5.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 thanks to adress thise issues to finow, hope they are gonna fix this soon !

Yes, this X5 topic kinda got hijacked with X5+ problems, sorry for that. My advice for X5 (as I stated before) is to forget about the 2209 update. The 1607 rom is very very good!

@Ronald_Jansen yes - this is correct. Sorry for the confusion.
The original X5 is fixed by doing what you have stated.
These other issues are for the other plus series (Android 5.1) watches.

Disabling comments on this post now because the original X5 OTA issue is fixed.