Original Grain - Alterra Chrono The Marc

I have made for you the Original Grain Alterra Chrono The Marc.
Made for universal launcher.
The right dail is the power.
The left dail is a 24hr indicator.

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Wow, that looks really great! Good job, thx for sharing!

Thanks!! @G1NT0N1C :blush:

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Very nice :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! @Dotsfar

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Nice one bricky! :+1:I recently brought a “Wood grain watch” but I like he two tone effect on this one. Certainly makes it stand out more. Thank you! Cheers, Doons

Thank you!!! @Doonsbury

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Very nice mate :+1:

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Thanks!!! @Dr_Andy_Vishnu

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Very nice face, but no date indication

You have to use Universal Launcher for this face. Thats why it’s posted in the section “universal launcher faces”.


I get it!!! Thanks a lot :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

You’re welcome!!! @Shigefaizal

It is wow, Thanks for sharing

Thanks!!! @eng.namir
You’re welcome.

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Does it work on the Prime with the stock launcher ?

No. The date won’t work.

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