ORIENT MULTI-YEAR CALENDAR EU0B001B (red) and EU0B005B (yellow)

EU0B001B (red) and EU0B005B (yellow)

Made by me from scratch in WFD (only 3D ticks and hands made in PSP).
Multi-year calendar works! But only to the end of 2018 september (one year).
In original watch it’s necessary to set current month manually - in my watch face it is changed automatically (array of months pictures).


EU0B001B - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1inCE3a6ef7Nm83eklhaWhhNkU

EU0B005B - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1inCE3a6ef7TlhWUHpMNVBNUVU

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Amazing. Very nice

Looks nice, but no idea what this show me… lol.
But no prob, I like this… Good work Jacek!


@zsolt_m ​​ Yes, it isn’t so easy to check a weekday. It’s more for nice look than for use in my opinion. Top part of this calendar is set automatically, so it’s enough to find today’s date in the bottom grid and then to check what weekday it is.

great job, thanks

Fanny skin
Czy możesz powiedzieć w jakim programie robisz skiny

@Krzysztof_R Podałem dokładnie razem z linkami w którymś moim poście. Chyba z białym Citizen Grand Classic - poszukaj w moim profilu.

The link doesn’t work

Moved to lost round faces.

How to get it

Maybe someone has a copy.

Any body have it