Optimus 2 reminders won't work

I have had my Optmus 2 watch for about 10 months now and I have decided to try to use it occasionally as a replacement for my mobile phone.

To do that I need to have a reminders app running. I use ‘Just Reminder’ on my mobile but I can’t use it on the watch because when I try to set up a new reminder for a specific time I cannot save the set time because the ‘Ok’ button is off the bottom of the screen and cannot be reached.

I need an app that will enable me to choose the alarm sound and also set the time the alarm sounds or specify the number of times it sounds.

At present I have installed ‘Reminders’ by ‘Chegal’.

If the app is displayed on the screen it works as expected even when the screen turns off but if I go back to having the watchface visible it does not sound the alarm.

I have set battery to ‘not optimised’.

Could any one offer any advice please?

Read this
Follow the instructions and it will work


Thank you so much for thr detailed instructions but, unfortunately, I have encountered some problems.

Step 3

There was not a lock visible only an ‘x’ which I tapped and the app disappeared. I hope rhat was correct.

Step 4
Battery. (I assumed that was the battery option in ‘Settings’) but the two ‘standby optimizer’ options did not exist so I stopped at that point.

The kospet optimus runs A10 ?

The guide is for different android versions

The " lock " symbol is in the A11 instructions

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I have just realised that there were separate sections for different versions of Android so I have followed the section A10. I will report back.

Sorry about the misunderstanding.


I now have the reminders app running in the background.

I must say I’m impressed with this forum and the help I’ve received in such a short time. Thank you.

The bad news is that I shall almost certainly be back. :smile:


Glad it worked. We get people stuck on this issue daily which is why i compiled it into one post :+1:


I’m not surprised that it is a common problem. It seems an extraordinary process to have to go through just to get an app to run in the background. What on earth were Kospet thinking of?

Thank you once again for your help.

Well, these watches are fully functional smartphones in a small format. Since the consumption of some hardware components is not scalable, but the battery size is limited, ways must be found to reduce consumption. The sometimes aggressive background cleaning is a result of this conflict of goals.
I don’t see a problem as long as it can be disabled if necessary.

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The fact that it can be disabled means that it isn’t a problem but why make it so complicated?

If battery is not optimised then an app can consume power in the background so that should be enough to enable it to run in the background.

Well, these watches are fully functional smartphones in a small format

That’s why I disagree when some comes and say something like “I keep mine as a toy”, and they are better than any wear os watch.