Optimus 2 camera issues

Hi guys,

Quick question regarding the Optimus 2 and the camera (really the video portion). I’ve had the watch for about a month and all has gone fairly well. Nothing too big to complain about. I updated the firmware with no issues. Did a factory reset (as recommended) and have added
the APP’s I’ve wanted.

Have only taken a few pics here and there and until today, no videos. Took the grandkids to the park and of course, forgot my phone so I had to shoot a couple videos using it or grandma would have my hide. Now I get the watch isn’t made for long, drawn out videos like I could do on my phone but in short spurts, it should be able to feel the gap (in my humble opinion, of course).

So I took a few and have not been able to retrieve them because it goes to the “clockskin transfer” APP and I’m not sure why. Pics still show up fine. I’ve looked around in settings and permissions and couldn’t find anything which might be causing it so I’m hoping someone might know before I reach out to Kospet.

@pablo11, @G1NT0N1C

You need to be using a PC really… Ti transfer larger files.
The USB cable is fine.
Otherwise just install Google drive on the watch and use it to upload the files from the watch to Google drive.

You might want to use a better file explorer like FX Explorer or similar.

Don’t bother asking Kospet about this one because it is purely a software problem.
Plus you are not using stock factory firmware… Not that this makes a difference in this case.

It certainly is a software issue.
Google drive should work fine if you do not have a PC.

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Thanks @pablo11!

I’ll give those ideas a good looking at. The only thing is, is that with my Lokmat X360 and the Prime 2’s, I never experienced this so something must be triggering it. I could immediately go the gallery and watch the videos (cuz you know kids just have to see themselves). I’ve thought about uninstalling it then re-adding it to see if that would fix things but I don’t know if it will affect the clockskins I currently have or not. I wouldn’t think so though.

I do have Google Drive installed already so I’ll start there first then look at FX Explorer.

Yes, I had a feeling Kospet wouldn’t be good to turn to as I know that once the update was done, they’d make mention of it as being the culprit.

Hope you’re doing well my friend.

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You can just uninstall clockskin transfer and problem should go away.
Don’t forget that app is quite old now.

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Well, I uninstalled the Clockskin Transfer APP and was able to watch the videos without it installed then when I re-added it, I was given the option if using the “gallery video player” or the APP. I chose the video player and everything worked like it should. I was thinking that could be the issue but couldn’t find it under permissions or anywhere so I wasn’t sure. No visibility unless I didn’t look in the correct place. I thought it’d be a glaring issue under permissions though. I must have inadvertently set it up to turn off the APP when I first got it

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Great, I had a feeling that you would find this resolution :+1::handshake:


Hey Pablo,

Happy holidays my friend. Hope you and you family are doing well.

Just a quick question, which I saw you answered in the Optimus 2 thread.

I got an email from Alibaba’s Kospet Division (if you will) asking me to look at what they had to offer and the deals which which were in place.

Out of curiosity it did and was a bit surprised to see them sell the OP 2. Then I saw the upgrade to 128 Rom so I was gonna see if you knew anything about it. I went to the thread and saw where you posted on it a couple of weeks ago so I got my answer.

What I didn’t know was that they are still selling the Prime 2 as well. I was under the impression they stopped that as well.

Not sure what to think of that. I sure liked the P2.

Stay well my friend.

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Yep, left over stock.
It has been stopped in production for quite a while as I said before.
You can probably get old stock if you are lucky.
Chances are that when you try to place an order it might show as unavailable.
But if you are “lucky” they might have some left over stock.

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