Optimus 2 and Gear IconX (2019)

Maybe someone find this useful.
If you want your Gear IconX earbuds to work with Optimus 2 there is a small problem. While Google Play lets you install the IconX plug in, it will not let you install Samsung Wear, which you need.

Fortunately, if you search you can find places to download the APK. It will install OK.

The problem comes when you first start it to set permissions etc. At the end of the process there is a button you need to press that is not on the screen and you have no way to see it. I think there are two ways around this. One is to use TAB to get to the off screen button and press enter (you only need do this first time). I think before I did that I got streight into the plugin by first connecting to the buds by bluetooth before launching Wear.

Anyway, I’ve seen Wear update itself and the buds work fine.:slight_smile:

I only have one question now
did you install UL after that?
It is almost certain that this will send the system a message in UL.

Yes, I’ll see what happens if I uninstall Wear and the plug-in

Sorryfor lateness of this post - I forgot.
Since Ul was updated I have had no problems at all with either stock or UL.
Then again it could be the recent firmware that fixed any problems, yea I think it was the firmware that fixed a few issues with bluetooth.