One question for Lokifish Marz. I read "the new sections system" post.

One question for Lokifish Marz. I read “the new sections system” post. And I understand the section organization. What I don’t know is this: everything for D5 is good for K9 etc? Example: a clockskin declared for D5 is good for K9? (I think so, but a newbie I don’t know). A firmware for X5 is good for K9, D5 etc? (I don’t know).
I mean I think it is realy important to explain in the about section (where is the list of devices) what is compatible between these and what not. It shoud avoid more confiution for newbie (and me). I hope it could help. Thx

Clockskins work on all the devices, apart some glitches due to different firmware versions (and bugs :slight_smile: ), Apps should work on all watches at the same way.
The firmware compatibility is by model number, that is W806 firmware is for K8 round and K18, W812 is for D5 / X1 /K9 and W815 is for X5.

I agree with @EasyLearn_How on this. As the sections are set up, say W806, W812, W815, etc, we should have in parenthesis beside them exactly which watch models they represent, like “W806 (K8/K18 watches)”, W812 (D5/X1/K9/X3 watches), W815 (X5 watch), W602 (D6/Q1/S8 watches), etc.

We should be willing to edit them and add other models using the same processor as they are released/discovered. In my new job as Channel PR (ahem) I’d like to help newbie non-followers become comfortable and, hopefully, follow our community when they easily zero in on what they are looking for to match the watch they have (without, probably, knowing what processor is inside).

It could also make @Lokifish_Marz 's job easier if folks post their messages to the proper sections from the get-go.