One more question... Why the widgets (Nova or Apex Launcher + Zooper Pro or

One more question…

Why the widgets (Nova or Apex Launcher + Zooper Pro or Pujie) do not update in the background ?
I mean, when I turn my watch on, it takes 2 / 3 seconds to read accurate time…
Is there a possibility, without draining the battery down in the background to speed this up ?

This is a normal behaviour, there is no wake lock on widgets that should drain your battery as fast as you say “charged my battery ?” .
To refresh widgets at screen-off state, process must set a wake lock that consume cpu runtime and will drain your battery all the time… Android on your watch MUST sleep at this state to keep a minimun battery juice left for working times… Behind this considerations, refresh time depends on widget optimisation and cpu power + ram usage… And our watches are not gamers platform with all the power needed to speed ^^

Not only that - I don’t believe these widgets have permission to collect the data anyway…

Thanks for the explanations!