On holiday for a week...

On holiday for a week… see you when I get back :slight_smile:

Thanks Andrew! We’ll miss you! Hope to have some new things to show you when you return. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help with the CSM. Thanks to you I made my first skin. Have a nice vacation Andrew.

@Guido_L_WILS That is GREAT news… when I first tried to use CSM I didn’t know what I was doing… so started to swap a few sets of hands around… then I played with the digital arrays (the next guides :slight_smile: )… after that I made my own back panels… then moved on to layers and masks…

I use more pictures than words in the guides so that (hopefully) anybody can follow them… even if they don’t speak much (any?) English :slight_smile:

@SmartWatch_Ticks Flight at 06:00am… getting ready to leave :slight_smile:

Enjoy your holiday :slight_smile:

Have fun and enjoy

Have a great break and thanks very much for the great how to guides :slight_smile:

where u been Randy?

Just got back from a week on the beautiful island of Menorca…

Very nice indeed. Bet you wanted to stay much longer :slight_smile: