Old watch 1 seda


A simple clockskin, for example, for a company where a color combination really doesn’t fit. It only shows the date and time plus 4 touch fields


@Bohuslav_Balak nice watch face I like that you put in the analog and digital time. Looks good on my LEM X. Thank you.

Clockskin Transfer says there are no valid watch files to transfer. I’ve renamed the file and folder in case it wasn’t recognizing the foreign characters, but that didn’t help. Any ideas? Thanks

Try this. There are two folders, each stored differently, but both contain the same watch


That works. Than you, sir!

google translated complete nonsense. It works?

Transferring to my watch works. Unfortunately, none of the app buttons function when I press them. I shouldn’t need a supporting app on my Lemfo Lemp Android 9 watch to make it work, should I?
Thanks for your continued assistance!

Yes, I didn’t think so. I think it will be necessary to modify the path to the application in the “clock_skin.xml” file according to PACKAGE NAMES. You can find how to do it here on the forum or just delete the ARRAY100. I can’t do it well enough to help you with that