Okay... I'm working my way through the new apk watchskin process and I have

Okay… I’m working my way through the new apk watchskin process and I have a couple of questions/suggestions:
1 - would it be a good idea to replace the StarTrek template with a generic/blank template?

  • the redundant face (2) could be removed
    2 - could a png template be made of a face that lays out the “exact” position of all of the elements?
  • it would be easier to align the things like the date
    3 - when I use the StarTrek template I replace a couple of the StarTrek references but other are left in. Why?
    4 - can I change the order of the hands ie h/m/s or s/m/h?
    5 - how do I change the name of the apk skin I make (they’re all StarTrek!)?

@Mirko_Genovese or @Smash_Smashin any thoughts on this?

Okay… I’ve fathomed the answers to 4 and 5… 1 I can put up with… but I’m still interested in 2 and 3 :slight_smile:

Wish I could help you
But don’t even know where it gets the clockfaces that are on it now and what there layout is.
But then again
The more I learn .the more I realize there are many things I don’t know :wink:

Find myself today watching a lot of youtube of compiling/decompiling, creating apps (weird indi accent fellow but great teacher :wink: )and installing Android Studio , and off course that one gave me a error so also installed Java 1.8 etc etc …don’t know where it leads to but doing my best to learn something here .
Am in sabbatical so I can do some thing I never had the time for. Can’t promise I do learn …just trying :wink: and hoping guys who know more about android and smartwatches etc will do the same (please answer +Andrew Davis questions) so we can have a solution in the near future for clock faces so we only have to come up with new ones to add .

This is what a great community like this one does to me haha…and hopefully some help from the manufacturer too…especially that.

@Andrew_Davis Took me a while but I went and tried your idea…Its on “the other side” we’ll have to wait for someone to install and post a picture to show us how it turned out .:wink: