Okay, I know this page isn't supposed to talk about android wear,

Okay, I know this page isn’t supposed to talk about android wear, but has anyone figured out a way to use these as a tethered device? I love the fact that these cost ~$100 but I really don’t need another phone as I just dropped $750 on the s7. What I do want is a watch the can show me my notifications as well as let me respond to them in real time. Windows let’s me do that on my computer but these watches don’t. That’s annoying. If you can’t get them to tether, any thoughts on hacking an the Android Wear ROM and throwing that onto one of these just to try it?

Tell us if you discover how to do it

This is the main reason I haven’t purchased one yet. Quite like the x5 but I need real time replying to phone notification via the watch :confused:

Then these standalone watches are not what you need.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 agreed. but wouldn’t it be nice if it could do both?

It is possible, most android wear apps can be sideloaded onto these watches without a problem. The biggest problem is having your phone detect the watch using the wear app. If that was possible, I’m sure sideloading all the needed apps for tethering from wear then it should work just as a wear device. Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea how to make the watches recognized, even after installing almost all the stock wear applications.

@Inceptual_Games tell me where I can find these apps for example WhatsApp that I try

If you want wear apps you will have to rip them yourself. Even if you get it installed. As I said before, the phone doesn’t detect the watch as wear, so installing whatsapp for wear on your watch is just gonna leave you with an app that can’t connect to any device.

It’s so strange though. In a way, these watches are more powerful than Android Wear watches since they’re basically full-fledged Android phones on your wrist. I don’t get why they can’t be tethered to a smartphone, or why we can’t just install Android Wear itself on them.

use WhatsApp web maybe in the smartwatch?
I haven’t tried it :sweat_smile:

If you are talking about Fullandroid watches- Yes, it is possible.