Ok so I'm planning to upgrade my zgpax s8,

Ok so I’m planning to upgrade my zgpax s8, and I’m still deciding on either the no.1 d5+ and the no.1 d6.
My question is which one will better run pokemon go, as I’ve recently been hooked on it.
I’m probably going to tether the watch to my phone since I don’t seem to get 3g on my s8 with a SIM card inside, and assume the new watch will be the same.
I’ve been Bluetooth tethering for apps that need that too and pokemon go also needs GPS so I’m hoping the watches GPS will work with that.
Would love to hear from anyone who owns these watches (d5 for now since d5+ doesn’t seem to be available yet) and would install the app for testing. Would really appreciate it.

This might be a problem for a watch with a small battery…
“the average Pokemon Go player can drain a fully charged iPhone/Android device battery in less than three hours of gameplay!” - http://www.pokemongodb.net/2016/04/9-best-battery-saving-tips.html

yeah, i figured as much, just thought it’d be nice to pop in and out once in a while on my watch. It’s kind of more a novelty use out of it, but i’ve got some battery saving tricks and ideas i’m planning to test with it. I’m also wondering how it would look on the round watch and how much will be cut off in full screen, and hope the d5 was the watch that could toggle full and squared mode for apps.

We don’t support people who plays Pokemon go…:slight_smile: just kiding lol!

@Lokifish_Marz Battery life… what about his social life?

Obviously you haven’t tried it;).I’ve been socializing more than usual already because of the game. You meet new people all the time walking around town playing this game. I know it’s a big battery killer but it’s still cool to know I could use my watch for that kind of thing too.
Is anyone willing to try downloading a free game onto their watch just to help clear up a few questions stated in original post?

Pokemon Go drains the battery on my Note 4, so I don’t think the batteries on our watches can survive for long. But I use my watch as a “Pokemon Go Plus” when tethered to my phone. My watch vibrates when a Pokemon is near me :laughing:

Yeah that’s the kind of stuff I want to do, as well as pokedetector. I’m also thinking about making a wrist battery bracelet and maybe charge the watch while using it.

Also has anyone else tried using dev settings, limit background processes to increase battery life.I’ve been using that to get extra battery life out of my s8. I limit to 2 processes and that helps a lot.

Looks like somebody posted a video answering many of my questions about pokemon go on the round watch. Thought i’d share if anyone was interested.

Oh nice I also had the same question about Pokemon Go and Smartwatches. Thank you for the vid.

Glad it helped. Which watch are you using or getting?


Woops sorry forgot to answer this question. I am using the Finow Q1 at the moment. It works smoothly.

@Sisyphus . How round is the Finow Q1?