Ok... Im using universal launcher and im looking for icon packs

Im just looking for icon packs that work on universal launcher help… Thx in advance

My favorite is Rondo Icon pack. Works perfect with UL.

Not supported launcher for UL

K thx for the help i really needed that.

Ok course it’s suported.

  1. download
  2. open App
  3. reboot watch
  4. now you can choose Rondo Icon pack in the launcher settings.
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Ok just rebooted works sorry for bother

No problem.
Most Icons change automaticly. Some of them not. Press and hold them, a Dialog Box will open. Tap “change Icon”. Choose a searchtext for your Icon, and tap on “filter” now a list of some Icons apear. If you are not glad, try another searchtext.

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Cool! Thx for guidance through my watch
Cheers and have a good one.

Sorry my ignorance, but where can I download the icon pack? thank you

Youll find it for free in the playstore:
There are a lot of others also.