"Ok Google" Vs "Hey Google"

How come the Kospet Optimus pro only allows you to say “Ok Google”.

The Thor 4 pro lets you say “Hey Google”, kinda rolls off the tongue a little better.

Anyone know how to change that?

It has to do with the version “Google” app. Thankfully the latest version from the play store fixes a lot of the issues that came up in the last month or so.

Make sure it, and your Google Assistant app, and your Google Play Services are updated. Then you can open your google assistant in Square box mode, make your way to the settings, and into the assistant. Then select Phone, at the bottom and get to the point where you can retrain it. And you can use Hey Google. As well as Ok Google.

My Kospet Hope, with the very latest version of the google app works fine with both.

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Do you notice much on an increase in battery drain with the assistant active?

I found that when I had it set so I could say “ok Google” from any screen it seemed to drain a fair bit more battery.

No not really. But i actually go into the uninstall applications in the settings and force close a lot of other apps that do drain battery.

apps that don’t need to be constantly running, even the Google Play Store can be quite draining.
youtube, Maps (when i’m not using it), various browsers and so on. I’m conditioning my battery now and it’s at 50% and it’s been on for like… 2 or 3 days now. with Wifi and Location on.

I’ve only lightly used it these last couple days though, haven’t been too busy these last couple days. So that’s mostly standby. It’d probably be at 60%-65% if it was standby only, and i hadn’t used it at all.

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Is that not what the “Background cleaner” option is for, no?

Also to answer your answer from earlier, my phone got busted a while ago and said feck it, might as well splash out on a smart watch… So I have no phone, unfortunately. Thanks for the input though!

The background cleaner isn’t so good for certain apps. It gets rid of some apps great, but others not so much. The play store, for example likes to hang around.

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