OK, Finally found in source code of the Zeblaze Blitz watch where the Faces


Finally found in source code of the Zeblaze Blitz watch where the Faces list is hard-coded. So to get all faces activated, I need to modify Java code (into smali) to add all the Faces to the list… Then rebuild modded APK and replace it into system app to get done :slight_smile: Stay tuned, work in progress…

@Olimatou didn’t you notice that many of the components for each of the extra faces are missing or not configured correctly? I am very interested to see how this works out - keep up the good work :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Some faces are sharing same resources… All are coded and built in Java+xml files, then added to a clockset that is used to build the Faces selector. Will work more onto this next week on holiday. But the Mediatek framework don’t call extra configuration files outside the app. No way to get extra Faces from community ;(

and no one could make an interactive face?

@Olimatou yes - it’s a problem but we in negotiation with the software designer through our watchmaker partners for a solution to this. There is some hope that they will share with us an option to add external watch faces…

@julio_cesar_tito_car the api is not the same as wear.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Don’t think manufacturer behind Zeblaze will put devs at work to modify the Framework built by Mediatek… Too much work to do… Too expensive just to make customers happy ^^ ;p And I think that is Mediatek behind the scene that produce firmware for each brand of watches, because same firmware customized with different activated faces on many watches ^^

Yes, this is partly true. Mediatek is the framework model but the software company that makes this launcher for all four of these watches is SINSOFT.
For example the Finow watches using the same Mediatek processor have a different launcher made by a different software provider.

All we can do is try to get cooperation from them.

Tu parles de la KW88?


@Alpine ​ kW88/zeblaze blitz/lemfo LM3/I2 I believe

It works for all?

@Alpine Oui (Yes). :slight_smile:

Yes - if Olivier manages to re-compile the smali config in the framework and get these hidden faces to align with all their various component png files - there will be many other faces which can be selected.
This same methodology can be applied to all four versions of the same launcher.
Lemfo, Zeblaze, IQI and Kingwear and the S99.
It depends on all the related parts being available , of course but it is a significant piece of work. Well done Olivier !! :slight_smile:

Not at home for 3 days ^^ Will be back at work on this maybe on wednesday… But I think I will try to untethered the ROOT in 1st place, then modify the apk and finaly create a howto package with tools to flash TWRP and a flashable zip for patching purpose to make the procedure simple and fast ^^ If all work on the Blitz, will then need some beta testers on the other watches to get some files and make a package for each brand…

If you want, send me package for try…

@Olimatou please update us in this xda thread :slight_smile: http://forum.xda-developers.com/smartwatch/other-smartwatches/unofficial-zeblaze-blitz-3g-users-thread-t3425017

@fabio_pluda Yes, will post on XDA later, need some rest (feel and smell like pepe the pew) weather is hot and travelled a lot these days ^^