OK - done! My first attempt to create watch face using only WatchFace Designer

OK - done! My first attempt to create watch face using only WatchFace Designer.
And it seems to be a very successful experiment :slight_smile:
It was easy and very satisfying - thanks agan Marco!
Perhaps background should be a little darker… I will play with other colors.

Voutilainen GMR - my version of this beautiful watch made in WFD.



Darker version:


Very nice watchface. Setting it as my watchface for the rest of today and tomorrow :slight_smile:

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nice work, the WatchFace Designer is an amazing program, and it is free :slight_smile:

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Added link to a little darker version - I think it’s better

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The darker version is classier, but I’m having trouble deciding which one is the best. I guess I’ll use the first today and the darker tomorrow :slight_smile:
Also, this skin helped me find out I have a bug on my Wear ClockSkin implementation (on the battery hand). I’ll have to correct it too :slight_smile:

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i need a link for watchface designer. I was given a limk but it was corrupt when I downloaded. dammit.
anyone that can help me find a working version I would greatly appreciate.

ooh, beautiful watch. I’m jealous

Nice use hand shadows.

Beautiful watchface, I like more the darker version.

All I can say is “u suck”! GREAT JOB! ONE of the best faces I’ve seen. No crap. I’m jealous.

I am new with my Finow x5 air, this wonderful skin I can install on my Finow x5 air ???

@Miguel_Guevara yes sure

@Eric_Crochemore thanks

Sorry for the question but could someone tell me how to install it ?? I am new to this world of smart watches, there is some tutorial on the web or I need to do it, thanks

Tutorials are on the technical forum.

@Eric_Crochemore Thanks

Links updated