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Do you hold power on for 4 seconds ?

Yes, I did some tests too, but it didn’t work.

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If after charging it fails to turn on i would return it before its too late . Opening it up may reduce your chances of a replacement


if you have a voltmeter, you can also check the cable. If you measure the outer two pins, it should be about 5 volts.
You should also try different chargers.

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If you open it and try to fix it then I can almost guarantee that it will not work again.
It’s not a simple job getting to where the battery connects to the main board.
As it is specially sealed in the factory (apparently) to be waterproof - you will also void the warranty.
Just make a very quick video of you connecting the charger and trying to power it on and then return it to Banggood.
It’s the best option really.


Check this out

No flashing required - update from watch storage.

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Done - check it out :slight_smile:


Hello Dear Pablo11 :bangbang:
Thank you very much ! This is really a perfect job! :watch::watch: I’m right: patience creates ⚘ or a super system upgrade​:watch: Everything works perfectly :watch: I’m really happy :rofl::fire::rofl::fire::rofl:
You are the BEST :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:
Best Regards :wink:


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Friends, one question
I am interessted in this watch because of the waterproofnis

Is there some feedback about battery life with the following use of the watch:

  • no bt on
  • no step counter on
  • no wifi on
  • no gps on
  • 3g active (12 hours per day / in the night => switch to airplane mode)

Thanks a lot

The question cannot be answered. It depends a lot on how good the 3g reception is where you are.
And- more important- are we talking about the original firmware or the international firmware?

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Ok thanks for you answer
I live in Germany
I thought (as a rough indication) it would be possible
Thank you

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Recently purchased LEM14. They show a fake pulse, even when the watch is removed from the hand. What should I do to fix this?
Are there any new firmware versions after 21.01.2021?

Did you factory reset before first use ?

Try it

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With my LEM14, I have never been able to get a good heart reading (I now use a BT heart monitor pair to my watch when I go running).
As for the firmware, I suggest to install the FAW firmware, you will get a better app compatibility and the battery last longer.


THIS an FYI for any other AT&T folks here. This device no longer works properly on their network, even though it’s 100% compatible. They are now limiting my devices to 3G only and absolutely refuse to fix it (I’ve had 8 phone calls to them). They basically now say that they don’t really support you bringing your own device any longer (if it’s not a device they normally sell). Their system has the IMEI of these devices marked as 3G only device and they refuse to fix it. (T-Mobile does too, try it yourself here. It lists it as a Cryken S10 3G watch)

@pablo11 and @none I could really use some root here so I can change my IMEI. I now have a VERY good reason. :worried:

This cannot be resolved by root access, there are specialized tools that can help with your intent.
But you have to use google on your own as this matter can’t be discussed here.


@none. Thanks. I was able to resolve with a tool and successfully changed it to an older iPhone 7 IMEI I have laying around but I won’t go in to the specifics as it’s not allowed here (though not illegal in the US). I now have LTE again. F**k you AT&T. :smiley: It’s unfortunate this is my only recourse other than changing to the only other carrier here that “allows” BYOD: T-Mobile.

So again, this a warning to any one else wanting to get this device and use it on AT&T.


Yes, frustrating indeed and happens all over the world in various places.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

In India and a few other places it is worse because they are actually starting to ban people from using imei from China at a very high level.

Knowing this, some of the Aliexpress stores refuse to ship to some countries now.
Not good at all because then, in desperation, customers go to the ruthless “don’t give a shxt” sellers who will ship regardless.
Once sold - no recourse for the customer, who then finds out exactly why they are not sent by the official stores :frowning:

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