OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT This community has had to change over it's 14 month life span.

This community has had to change over it’s 14 month life span. Due to the rapid growth and changing hardware we have had to spread across two sites.
This community is mostly artwork related - watch face design and watch discussion. However, we also have a very large support site at where we have a wealth of technical and support information - as well as round watch friendly apps plus full guides and documentation. All your support needs.
Please respect that we have to keep these topics separated, from an information management perspective. There are only a few of us (currently 4 but sometimes 5) in the team that have to moderate and serve these two sites. So I am asking that you respect this and keep to this structure. I have posted the link to our support site under the name of this community to help. It’s also in the community sticky post and all over this site.
With nearly 14 thousand members it will really help us to keep these sites alive if we all stick to this.
So please, everyone - watch faces and watch discussion here - everything else in the sister forum.
RASC admin team.