Oct Firmware update for LEM4 Pro https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nTT-mVoqAErHiqetUndW2VdGLAtv60eq/view?usp=sharing

Oct Firmware update for LEM4 Pro

Thanks to @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

Becareful : To upgrade my LEM4PRO i had to take the preloader_e1608_WIITE_C5_SPI_240_320 preloader. So maybe it’s safer to uncheck the preloader box when flashing…

Sorry guys,
When I get these firmware updates they come in a package with several pre loaders.
All for the same watch but some brands sell them with different different ram and storage values.
So they include preloaders for
512mb and 4gb
512mb and 8gb
1gb and 16gb
2gb and 16gb
The e1608 preloader is for 1gb ram and 16gb storage model that we have.
I normally remove the other preloaders but I had no access to a pc this time…
Again, I’m sorry…

Easiest way to flash is to load the firmware in flash tools and then click on the pre-loader path on right side of the flash tool window and then select the correct pre-loader.

When I have time, I will fix it and upload again.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 All good I will fix and replace the file here. Thanks @Eric_Crochemore for the heads up. :slight_smile:

@A_Kinsella fixed firmware here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-2z9RB3kb71ZWu85ST0_clsa7MjzMSJY/view?usp=sharing
Well worth updating as the screen tearing seems much less now

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thank you. Hoping accelerometer is fixed in a firmware update as well one day.