Ocklock animate skin

Greetings … It is not yet clear how to send this hour or much similar in my stock … They do everything on normal FAW. greeting


Very nice, thank you for sharing

Looks cool! It’s “work in progress” I guess? In this case I would like to move it to the WIP section.

hey looks very cool…
thx for using my layer :smiley:

Thanks … I borrowed siga for a better look at greetings

Aple 9 ultra copy with additional features

Looks great. Still work in progress, I guess?

Thanks I don’t know yet how to upload this folder of clock, but all the greetings already work

You have to zip the folder. Then upload it for example to your google drive. After that, copy and share the link.

thanks for the help

Voda 1

maybe anyone knows any function for dim mode to enter in the Clock Skin Program with tach

If you want to post a watchface, you should post each watchface individually. Furthermore, a credit link is required, at least if parts of other work are used (such as with your Apple Watch Ultra Face).