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I didn’t take into account that the mobile network frequencies on this watch differ from Optimus Pro. I chose 3G by default.
Now the battery charge doesn’t run out as fast as on 4G.

That’s very odd…
I could have sworn I said don’t post about cross flashing firmware?

The sensors are different.
Screen drivers are different
Battery calibration hard coded in the firmware is different.
Optimus is dual OS device with so many differences…

We DON’T want people to think it’s ok to cross flash firmware from a watch which is absolutely different - and then have problems.

Don’t do this again.
Do you understand this or do you want an official warning?


and for what acts? I have the firmware from this watch installed on this watch.

Because I already asked you not to do this in the kospet firmware thread and now you are doing it here.

default setting. settings: to connect: mobile network: the default type

I liked the ban for the last photo

Nobody wants to ban you. We just want you to stop posting about cross-flashing firmware.
Because we don’t want other people to do this and have problems. There is a high chance of brick a watch in this way.


let human error when connecting to the computer (forum Kospet). I often get an error when connecting my watch to the computer (the watch is already a year old). This usually means that the contacts are not very clean on the watch.

I do not care. but today I didn’t write about image substitution.
or is changing the network type also a substitution?

So why not just forget it and move on.

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I don’t write English very well. Who should forget? - Me? I repeat, I don’t care. I don’t have to come here. but it’s one thing to look at a new watch, and quite another to look at one that you wear yourself.

I experimented because I was used to making sure that the new watch worked as well as the old one

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Its like beating a dead horse. Its dead, stop repeating it is dead and move on to something else.

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Что @Jonathan_Bickel ohathan_ хочет сказать: давайте закончим спор и перейдем к повседневному делу. Подобный бой никому не поможет.
Кстати, я думаю, что ваш английский очень хороший.

И теперь это снова англоязычный форум.:wink:

what is the point of switching to another topic? I’ve already set my own watch. In the end, I wasn’t told what the problem was with them.

I took off my Kospet Optimus Pro watch, the same as my Lemfo LEM10 watch. Now I don’t mind breaking them. Now I have the Genesis of the Kronos Blade

I thought this was an english speaking community :wink: :rofl:

Also, to everyone: if you want a discussion to end, why not stop replying yourself, instead of waiting for the other person to stop replying


you are right. As almost always…:wink:

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Good morning. I’m just here to settle the argument about margarine vs butter once and for all!

Oh it’s nutters corner? I thought it read butters corner…

So, about pecans vs cashew…


lol. You came to the right place :joy::joy::joy:


@noidremained Spoken like a true “Nutter” my friend! :+1: :crazy_face: In fact (With the exception of the good @Dr_Andy_Vishnu :rofl:) I don’t know anyone more qualified than yourself noidremained to be given the title “Nutter” Gawd!! What a can of worms your guys have opened up with a title like “Nutters corner” You realise that the Real crazies (And not just the harmless, lovable ones like the ole Doons :woozy_face: :smile:) are gonna come out of the woodwork now? Well, far be it form me to say “I told you so”…but…well…I told you so! Cheers, Doons (Perhaps the only sane member left on this here Forum! :crazy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face: :rofl:)