Now Unboxing The Thin Blue Line - Punisher Edition

After a crazy few weeks, I am finally unboxing the Ryoshi-Sama “Thin Blue Line - Punisher Edition.” This has been a passion project for the past few weeks, so here it is:

Between my tablet crashing, needing to purchase a new PC and temporarily losing my USB with all my work, needless to say, its been a headache getting this up. All things considered, I really enjoyed putting this together and I hope y’all really like it. It does require Universal Launcher, due to various element. Again, I really appreciate your patience and understanding in how long it took to get this posted. Thank you so much.

Credit to: Marvel for the Punisher logo. As the thin blue line originates to around the late 1880s, I am not sure who to give credits to as far as that.


KW Engine(Kingwear, Lemfo, etc.)

X-Series Engine (Finow and Similar)


@Nicholas_Herczeg It was well worth the wait for this one Nicholas…that is one seriously cool looking face. Even though I don’t use Universal launcher, I can still admire the design mate! Cheers, Doons

BBBBwwwwwaaaahhhhh AWESOME! TAHNK YOU for another excellent job. I love the “unboxing” idea! :grin:

Question: How did you get the links to appear as they are in your posts instead of a big box with a drive picture in it like my posts? It’s nice to be able to see the number of clicks on the links like yours. The big box shows nothing.

@Louis_Peek i actually got the unboxing idea from @SmartWatch_Ticks. I love how he shows the unboxing of the watches he reviews and the background image I use for my previews has a watch in a box, so… unboxing. I thought it would add a playful element to my watchface postings. I’ve also wanted to get into unboxing and reviews of products, but it’s really hard to get into unless you have a bunch of followers on YouTube and/or have the money to purchase products until companies have enough trust in your work to send you free products to review. This is about the closest I can get at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
As far as the links, I just use the hyperlink button(the double chain link). It asks you for the URL and alternate text. If you leave the alternate text blank, it just displays the URL, but you can also customize the text to whatever you want. The side benefit to using the hyperlink button is that it shows you how many clicks each link gets. I learned it from the discourse tutorial and got a badge in the process. I’ve used the technique for so long, I don’t know or remember how to code it the big box way. I think it looks cleaner without the big box, anyways.

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Thank you very much!